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TATI Student Art Therapy Centre

About the Centre

The TATI Student Art Therapy Centre (formerly TATI Online Clinic) opened in September 2020 to offer affordable and accessible mental health services to the community, while expanding practicum opportunities for art therapy students, during the challenging and uncertain time of the COVID pandemic. 

Who We Are

Services at the Center are provided by students at the Institute, who received training and supervision by experienced art therapists registered with the Canadian Art Therapy Association and the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario or the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. 

Service Accessibility

Sessions are by donation ($10-50 per session) to support the operation and administration of the Centre. For those who are able to donate, your contributions will help sustain the accessibility of our service for those who cannot afford individual art therapy sessions otherwise. 

What We Do

What is art therapy?

Art therapy combines the creative process and psychotherapy. The art therapist facilitates a supportive, accepting space for the participant to creatively express themselves, gain self-awareness, connect with their own knowledges, and expand their life skills. Using various art forms and mediums as part of this creative therapeutic process, thoughts and feelings can be expressed that would otherwise be difficult to articulate. (Source: Canadian Art Therapy Association)

What does art therapy look like at the Centre?

We offer individual art therapy sessions facilitated using a psychotherapy service management platform, Owl Practice, which is compliant with Canadian privacy regulations. Sessions are confidential. Individual art therapy sessions are brief therapy (12 weekly one-hour sessions), focusing on creative self-expressions, processing emotions, and skills-building on present-awareness, self-care, and problem-solving. 

We can work with individuals who:

• are 16 years of age or older

• are residing within Canada (except Quebec)

• are looking to explore and work through non-urgent emotional concerns through arts-making

• have access to stable internet with webcam and microphone, and private space for art therapy sessions

We recognize that many emotional challenges may stem from experiences of violence, trauma, or systemic oppression and marginalization. Due to the short-term format of the art therapy sessions we offer, student art therapists would not be able to support individuals in unpacking or delving into the histories of trauma, but can support individuals in dealing with the effects of these experiences in the here and now.

What art materials do I need for art therapy sessions?

Participants don’t need special art supplies to take part in art therapy sessions. Student art therapists will work creatively with participants to use or upcycle materials that they have at home, as well as make suggestions for exploring other materials if the participants are interested.

NEW! Art Therapy Sessions for Chronic Skin Conditions ***Program Full***

A student at the TATI Student Art Therapy Centre is offering an 8-week art therapy program as part of their thesis study, to explore how art therapy can help individuals with chronic visible skin conditions which have affected their

self-esteem and satisfaction with their appearance.

Art therapy may help foster a greater appreciation for oneself while gaining the benefits of self-expression and self-awareness. Individuals are invited to take part in this study if they identify as having or had moderate to severe acne, eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea, and are interested in receiving art therapy.

Individuals can participate if they are:

• 16 years of age or older,

• live in Canada, and

• have had a skin condition for more than one year.

The program involves a minimum of eight (8) consecutive weeks of virtual one-on-one art therapy that aims to support self-expression and self-awareness and cultivate self acceptance. Each online session is one (1) hour long. Participants will be invited to complete standardized questionnaires on self-esteem and self-concept before the first session and after the final session. This study is approved by the Research Ethics Committee at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute (December 2022).

***This program is now full and is not accepting more participants. Thank you for everyone’s interest!***

Register for Art Therapy Sessions

1. Fill out the contact form below with your name and email address

2. Our Centre administrator will email you a service questionnaire through Owl Practice

3. Once a completed service questionnaire is received, our Centre administrator will respond by email to inform you about wait time or schedule the first appointment.

Current Centre Participants

Already registered for sessions but have questions about logging in or technical issues?


Please note that we are unable to provide urgent technical support.  If experiencing technical difficulties, please send a private message to your student art therapist via Owl messages. Our Tech Tips for Virtual Art Therapy Sessions page may also be helpful.


Our administrator can respond to questions by email at, at the office hours below:


Monday & Friday: 9am-10am

Monday to Wednesday & Friday: 1pm-2:30pm

Monday to Friday: 5pm-6:30pm

TATI Online Art Hive

For those interested in community arts-making in an open group, we offer a virtual art hive on a seasonal basis, organized by TATI student co-facilitators. To find out more about the art hive and register, please visit the TATI Online Art Hive page.

Support the Centre

We are committed to be part of the movement that aims to make mental health services affordable and accessible. Our therapeutic arts sessions are free of charge or by donation. For those who wish to support the ongoing work of the TATI Student Art Therapy Centre, please consider donating through this link

Current Supervision Team

Jacquie Compton (RCAT, RP, DTATI)

Sharlene Friedman (RCAT, RP, DTATI)

April Penny (RCAT, RP, DTATI)

Suzanne Thomson (RCAT, RP, DTATI)

Patricia Ki (RCAT, RSW, DTATI)

Administrator: Taylor Bourassa (RP, DTATI)


We thank the Donner Canadian Foundation for their generous support of funding the TATI Student Art Therapy Centre for 2022-2023.