Information for Current Students and Alumni

Program Completion and Enrollment Status

The completion due date of all practicum hours and the thesis or major project is 2 years from the last day of semester 4 for onsite program, and semester 5 for distance learning program. If students require extensions for the above due dates, they must communicate with the director to decide on an alternative workable due date.

If students do not maintain contact with the program and progress in practicum and/or thesis/major project after coursework, and the two-year completion due date has passed from the last day of semester 4, the student will be recorded as inactive in the program. If at or after this time the student would like to continue practicum and/or thesis or major project, they must pay a fee of $200 in order to reinstate their active student status in the program. 

If the student does not maintain contact and progress in the program after 6 months from last contact, they will be recorded as inactive in the program. 

Current students seeking further details about program policies, please login at Student Login (top right of screen).

MCU Key Performance Indicators

Provided here is the link to the Ministry of Colleges and Universities website where the most recently published KPI statistics can be viewed, as per the Superintendent’s Policy Directive: Key Performance Indicators, Subsection 53(2) of the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. The link to the KPI report can also be located on the Student Login page (upper right of the screen). For further information about TATI’s graduation rate by cohort year, please see this page

2020 Private Career College Graduation and Job Rates

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