On Site Program


Our curriculum is designed to ensure students gain the knowledge and experience that will enable them to function as competent, ethical, and compassionate art therapy professionals. It is also designed to foster critical thinking, so students are actively involved in creating the learning environment, questioning dominant discourses in the field, and taking part in the production of new ideas. Graduates of the program become leaders in the field of art therapy in the areas of professional practice, research, and theory.

The Toronto Art Therapy Institute provides a 16 month accelerated graduate level diploma training program in art therapy. 700 hours of practicum are required and a thesis or major project must be completed. Upon completion of all of the program requirements students graduate as Professional Art Therapists.

We offer the program twice a year with start dates in September and January. We accept only 12 students per program.


One weekday a week from 1:30pm-8:00pm

Group Art Therapy Experiential 


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy:  Theory and Technique in Art Therapy


The History and Development of the Profession of Art Therapy


One Saturday a month 9:30am-6:30pm

Ethics and Art Therapy

Month One

Practicum Preparation

Month Two

Practicum Preparation

Month Three

Principles of Group Process

Month Four

One weekday a week from 1:30pm-8:00pm

Child and Adolescent Development and Art Therapy
6:05-8:00 pm


Each of the Following Courses is Four Weeks in Duration: 3:40-5:35


Month 1Art Therapy with People Who Have a Severe and Persistent Mental Illness (1 and 1/2 months long)
Month 2Art Therapy Assessment Techniques
Month 3Phototherapy Techniques
Month 4Art Therapy, Spirituality, Grief and Loss (1/2 a month long)
  • Group Art Therapy Experiential: 1:30-3:25

One Saturday a month: 9:30am-6:30pm

Month 1Introduction to Jungian Theory
Month 2Trauma-Informed Art Therapy for People who Have Experienced Abuse
Month 3Art Therapy with Older Adults
Month 4Introduction to CBT and DBT

One Weekday a Week: 1:30 pm – 8:00 pm



Months 1 & 2Postmodern Psychotherapy
Months 3 & 4Art Therapy with Diverse Populations


Months 1, 2 & 3Research Methods in Art Therapy
Month 4Peer Supervision

1:30-3:25: Group Art Therapy Experiential

One Saturday a month: 9:30 am – 6:30 pm

Month 1Mindfulness and Art Therapy
Month 2Art Therapy in the Treatment of Eating Disorders
Month 3Medical Art Therapy
Month 4Integrating Puppetry and Art Therapy

One Weekday a Week: 1:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Group Art Therapy Experiential 1:30-3:20

Social and Cultural Issues in Art Therapy : 3:40-5:35

Art Therapy Peer Supervision 6:05-8:00

One Saturday a month: 9:30 am – 6:30 pm

Month 1Advanced Media and Techniques/ Jungian Sand Play Therapy
Month 2Use of Mask in Art Therapy
Month 3Public and Private Practice in Art Therapy; Finding, Attaining and Creating Employment as an Art Therapist
Month 4Art Therapy Experiential Final Personal Case Presentations

Tuition Fees

Fees are $7,700.00 per academic year. An academic year is eight months. Fees are paid in one deposit and four installments throughout the 16 month program. The cost for the entire program is $15,400.00.

An additional fee of $1000.00 is required for Thesis/Major Project Advisement to be paid at the end of coursework or earlier depending on when the student begins their thesis or major project.

Optional Fees

Additional fees are required in the case of a student requesting an extension beyond the two years allocated for completion of the thesis or major project. Students are given two years to complete their thesis or major project following the completion of their coursework. During this period readers and advisers will be paid for by TATI. After the two year period students are required to pay $100.00 per semester to maintain their TATI student status and students must pay their readers or advisers any on-going or outstanding fees.

Tuition fees are tax deductible.

The Toronto Art Therapy Institute is a Private Career College which receives no government funding.

We are not registered with the Ontario Student Loans Program (OSAP) due to changes in their policies which would require TATI to be responsible for the loans of students who default on their loans.

January 2020 Program

Important Dates

Applications for January 2020 Program will be accepted between September 3 and September 27th, 2019.


To apply to the Toronto Art Therapy Institute, you need to have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university as a prequisite. Other requirements are:

  • Official School Transcripts, mailed directly from the Educational Institution to our office.
  • A written autobiography with emphasis on personal life experience rather than educational or occupational information.
  • A written Statement describing why the applicant wishes to enter training.
  • Three letters of reference: 2 professional and/or educational by persons who have supervised your work; 1 character reference from someone who is not a relative or friend. Must be signed originals.
  • Your C.V. and A DVD with a portfolio of your artwork.

We also require a non-refundable $190.00 CAD Application Fee. Money Order or Cheque.

International Students

Toronto Art Therapy Institute Policy:

If you apply to either the On-Site or Distance Learning programs at TATI, you may meet our English-language requirements if you have successfully completed, or are in the process of successfully completing, one of the following:

Note: time spent in ESL courses will not be counted towards meeting these requirements. Language requirements will not be waived based on letters written by students or as a result of completing senior-level high-school English courses.

These are general guidelines only. TATI reserves the right to request a successfully completed language proficiency test. Language test scores are reviewed in combination with academic credentials to determine your admissibility to TATI.  
Language Requirements
Proficiency in English Minimum Score Requirements for the Speaking and Writing Proficiency in English English Language Proficiency Minimum Test Scores Required for Entry to TATI.

TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language
Computer: 220
Paper: 560
iBT: 83

IELTS: International English Language Testing Service
Score in Academic: 6.5

Prerequisite for all applicants

An undergraduate degree from a reputable university is required. Students may be required to have their degrees evaluated by International Credential Assessment Service of Canada (ICAS)

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As with the on-site program, students are required to complete 700 hours of practicum and a thesis or major project in order to qualify for graduation.