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Poster artwork by @amymaykes

TATI x OATA Student Research Symposium

Sunday June 23, 2024
Online, free!

The TATI x OATA Research Symposium is a student-led event that will feature research and projects by art therapy / creative arts therapies students and new grads, with the intention to:

  • Connect research and practice
  • Make space for new voices to be heard
  • Promote diversity in art therapy / creative arts therapies knowledge
  • Learn from and inspire each other and make research more accessible

Presentation Details: The day will be divided into 2-3 sessions. Each session will include 2-3 project/paper presentations. Each project/paper presentation will be 15-20 minutes. There will be 10-15 minutes for collective discussions / Q&A at the end of each session.

Call for Abstracts: We invite emerging voices in art / creative arts / expressive arts therapies (i.e. current students, folks who graduated in the last 5 years) to submit their thesis, major projects, capstone projects, research papers, community projects, arts-based self-reflexive process including spoken word, poetry, artwork.

To submit an abstract please fill out the form below! You’ll need:

  • Presenter(s) name(s) and contact information
  • Presentation title, 250-word abstract, and 2-3 key intended learnings