The Toronto Art Therapy Institute is grateful to the following sponsors who have supported our program through generous donations.


The S.M Blair Family Foundation
The Harry A. and Rose Getz Foundation
The Miriam and Harold Green Family
The Wilson Foundation
Stuff Canada

2020 Donors

Jane Halverson and Bruno Vendittelli
Donner Canadian Foundation
Lisa Gignac
Suzanne Thomson
Sharlene Friedman
Lia Falzon
Christina Lee
Cynthia Morin

2018 Donors

Donner Canadian FoundationĀ 
St. Clair Delta Bingo

2014 Donors

Beatrice Fisher

2011 Donors

Connie Bist, DTATI
Dr. Mark Egit
Joel Siegel, DTATI
Beth Hamilton, DTATI, RCAT
Orythia Johnston, DTATI
April Penny, DTATI
Linda Attoe, DTATI
Esther Zeller Cooper, DTATI, RCAT
Anna Sousa, DTATI, RCAT