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Welcome! This page is for instructors, practicum supervisors, and research reviewers / advisors to access all the information they need for their work at TATI. 

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For Course Instructors

Contains course outline templates (TATI and CRPO), guide for creating assignments, course development fee scale, teaching fee scale, etc.

Instructors: please click button above to submit finalized course attendance & grade sheets.

Semester schedules are sorted by cohort in the shared folder linked above. Students access the same folder through logging in to the student portal on the TATI website.

You can also view the entire semester across onsite cohorts in the below spreadsheets:

Winter 2024 (Jan-April) Overview

Summer 2024 (May-Aug) Overview

Contains student names and emails for each cohort in coursework, and template for recording attendance and grades for final submission to TATI at the end of the course. Accessible only to instructors who are teaching courses.

Onsite and Distance Learning versions. Contains course descriptions and course protocols (assignment and grading due dates, academic accommodations, late assignments, extension requests, COVID contingency planning, etc.).

Students access the same program calendars by logging into the student portal on the website.

For an overview of the full curriculum, please see the TATI Current Curriculum spreadsheet.

All readings are stored in the shared folder linked above, organized by course title. To add or remove readings in your course, please contact Patricia.

Students access the same course readings folder by logging into the student portal on the website.

This document includes instructions for using the Owl camera, Zoom, and projector in the TATI classroom. This technology is used for hybrid instruction – when there are participants joining both remotely and onsite.

Most of the time instructors will likely only need to refer to the first page, “quick start guide,” with 4 simple steps to follow.

The other pages of the document outline step-by-step instructions in much more detail, and are there for reference in case something is not working or not connected properly.

This guide is also printed for reference in the classroom in a binder labeled “Classroom Tech Support Binder.”

Instructions for Distance Learning Management platform forthcoming.

For Research Advisement Team

Contains the thesis and major project handbook, all requirements for the proposal and final paper submission, and all necessary consent and agency partnership forms. Students have access to this via the TATI website login.

Ongoing reviewers for proposals and final papers can update their availability for projects here.

Contains role descriptions and fee scale for advisory team members.

For those assigned to the Research Ethics Review Committee for any given project.

Other research resources

APA Formatting Video Tutorial

Ezproxy login for TATI Subscriptions:
CATA, BAAT, AATA Journals; The Arts in Psychotherapy

EBSCO login for TATI Subscriptions:
Psychology & Behavioural Science Collection
User ID: torontoati
Password: research23!

List of Relevant Open Access Journals

For Practicum Supervisors

All of the practicum procedures are documented in the handbook. All of the practicum-related forms are linked on p. 4 of the handbook. Students have access to this handbook in the student portal on the website. Students are assigned the handbook as required reading for the Practicum Preparation course in the first semester, before they begin placement.

This document is provided to supervisors at the beginning of every placement and contains summary information such as session frequency, supervision process for new placements, hours tracking process, and non-attendance protocol.