TATI 2022-2023 Graduation

Toronto Art Therapy Institute’s 2022-2023 Graduation took place on June 26 at the Women’s Art Association of Canada. It is an extra special time of connection and celebration as our first in-person graduation since 2019! Congratulations to the graduates!

Preet Ahluwalia
Nicole Balan
Natalie Bochenska
Martha Wing Hang Cheng
Avery Cyr
Rachelle Dulude
Allison Dunphy
Lisa Gignac
Gillian King
Ana Kuzmic-Garant
Shaina Lehan
Jaime Lee Lightle
Aldona Morrison
Meghan Noonan
Angela Remondi
Janelle Resmer
Saba Rizvi
Cecilia Scott
Kristen See
Mafalda Silva
Jasmyne Smith
Kathryn Tousaw
Madelaine Tripp
Hanna Van Alphen
Yumeka Wong

Special congratulations to the research award recipients – pictured below with award presenter and TATI board member Donna Betts:

Gilda Grossman Award for Major Project:

Allison Dunphy (below left) – Navigating Eight Common Client Challenges in Art Psychotherapy Practice: A Resource Handbook for Novice Art Therapy Students

Dr. Martin Fischer Prize for Thesis:

Madelaine Tripp (below right) – A Mother’s Daughter: An Arts-based Heuristic Self-search Inquiry into the Experience of an Intergenerational Eating Disorder

Much gratitude to everyone who made this event possible:

Planning Committee: April Penny, Cynthia Morin, Sharona Bookbinder, Erin Kuri, Sharlene Friedman, Susan Beniston, Anand Jaggernauth, Ruth Luginbuehl, Kristina Borg, David Boudreau, Jesse Pajuäär, Mike, Jordan

Special Guest: Kai Cheng Thom

Independent Award Adjudicator: Mary Norton

Kado: María Teresa Hernandez, Suzanne Thomson

Decor and Eco-Art Images: April Penny

Photography: Jesse Pajuäär

Special thanks to the TATI Board of Directors, and Debbie Anderson (chair of the board) and Donna Betts (board member) for joining us in celebration!

A message from faculty member, Suzanne Thomson, to the graduates:

What joy … to join all of you from afar… where the sea, land, and sky converge … taking a moment to pause … holding you in my heart’s awareness as you cross this threshold … honouring and celebrating your graduation from TATI … each of you has an extraordinary story to share that brought you here to this moment …. everyone’s journey is unique … tapping into the story of a long arc … connecting to ancestors known and unknown along with future descendants yet to be … in this potent transitional space we pause honouring each and every one of you … who you are and who you are becoming … it took such commitment to walk this journey … in so many ways beyond what we can imagine … our school called TATI is a place of ongoing learning and unlearning together … where every interaction is an opportunity to create possibilities for care and awareness for ALL to thrive … you were my teachers as well as those who came before us … humbling how every moment is an opportunity to create anew … we chose the arts … what does that say about us … we chose healing … what are we called to offer ourselves, one another, and the world … we are in such a pivotal time and here we arrive finding new ways to gather … interrupting ways that are familiar … this gives me so much hope … the seeds you have already nourished in your walk is far beyond my wildest imagination as you are the next generation along the long arc … what is the wondrous mystery we are living into and practicing with to be here now … what does it speak to who you are? … what are you deeply called to live into and bring forth in this sweet precious life …

You are the light of the distant stars casting a way forward … shine on oh brilliant ones!

Big love and gratitude to all of you for the transformative gift of joining you on the journey …