Congratulations to Tania Iskiw!

Tania Iskiw (DTATI, HBA) has been hired at Toronto General Hospital to facilitate Art Therapy groups within the Eating Disorders Unit of the hospital.  Here, she works with adults experiencing eating disorders and comorbid mental health issues who are receiving inpatient support for physical and mental health recovery.  Exploring disturbed eating behaviours, body image and size manipulation includes understanding how clients endure emotions and difficult situations.  Through Art Therapy, this understanding may be enhanced as clients explore new living and coping strategies and focus on their recovery with acceptance, trust, self-caring, and personal empowerment.  Tania integrates her experience with mindfulness and sensorimotor psychotherapy approaches into the program, assisting clients in a process of noticing without judgment the thoughts, impulses and sensations that arise in the face of stressful circumstances and calling upon embodied resources to mediate these effects.  In this way, the program offers clients creative tools to explore and challenge the ways in which eating disorders stand in the way of living a full, healthy life.

We are so proud to have one of our graduates, Mayson Edell, DTATI, speaking at the CASP conference coming up!  Way to go Mayson!!  Her talk is entitled : “Self-Report Projective Art Therapy Assessments: A New Approach for Detecting Suicidality and its Psychological Risk Factors”. Here is a link to the conference site:

It will be located at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute (209 Victoria St.)

Congratulations to Emily Whelan, DTATI Thesis Pending from the January 2014 Program who is currently employed as a part time art therapist in addictions and mental health at Trafalgar Residence at their Erin and Rice Lake residences! (posted August 2017)