Congrats to Amy Smillie, DTATI, Cand, who has been hired by Malvern Family Resource Centre’s to run an art therapy group for women with disability:
The INCLUDED Project is a multi-part project aimed at connecting diverse women with disabilities in North-East Scarborough. The Creative Arts Program part of the project is being run by DTATI Candidate student Amy Smillie, and is also considered Malvern Family Resource Centre’s 12-week “art therapy pilot project” in exploring whether the Centre should be implementing a more expansive arts therapy program for clients of all ages.(Post May 2017)

Congratulations to Savannah Smith, DTATI CAND, who has just been offered a full-time job as an Art Therapist at the Cornwall Community Hospital starting in September! She will be on the clinical team of the Children’s Mental Health Day Treatment Program and will be providing individual and group art therapy sessions, as well as providing the children with emotional and behavioral support within the classroom. (Post May 2017)

Congratulations go out to Jennifer Page, DTATI, who has been hired by Doane House in Newmarket as their Art Therapy and Support Services Coordinator:
The Support Services Coordinator / Art Therapist provides support to members of the community who are seeking assistance in coping with anticipatory grief or grief associated with bereavement, and implements support programs through caregiver support, bereavement support and art therapy. (Post May 2017)

Congratulations to Emily (Ameara) McLennan, DTATI, Cand. who has obtained an exciting position at Camp Ramapo in Rhinebeck, New York. This is a well-known organization for children and youth from 6-16 with cognitive disorder, mental illness and autism. Emily was chosen to be one of three therapists on staff and will be supervising 10 undergraduate student camp counsellors.(Post May 2017)

Congratulations to Emma Ates, DTATI, on the launch of her book, “Contemplative Photo Therapy: Group Intervention for Youth with Anxiety Disorders”,
This book presents a research study on the construction of a contemplative photo therapy (CPT) model for group intervention to assist youth with anxiety disorders.
The purpose is to introduce the CAPT framework and demonstrate how CPT model might be a potential adjunct intervention to treatment which will promote creative expression, mindfulness skills, cognitive and affective awareness,
self-esteem and well-being.(Posted May 2017)