Art Therapy Groups

Empowered Social Media Use for Young Adults

Virtual Art Therapy Group for Young Adults Dealing with Social Media or Pandemic Related Stress

Learn Filmmaking and tell your story in more empowered ways!

Wednesdays, August 10 - Sept 28, 6-8 pm EST

Since the pandemic started, it seems that many parts of our lives have quickly shifted to our smartphones. We often spend multiple hours of a day scrolling through social media, coping with the anxiety and stress caused by the pandemic. While we cannot stop technology development, we can find more empowering ways to use these technologies together. 

Through this art therapy group, we will be learning how to make films on our smartphones, and exploring healthier ways to engage with social media.

This group is for people who:

– are 18-25 years old

– has access to a smartphone

– has stable internet and private space to join art therapy sessions

– are dealing with stresses and anxiety around social media and/or pandemic

This group is part of a research project by TATI student Yumeka Wong. It will be facilitated by Yumeka and a fellow TATI student via Doxy, a secure telehealth platform.

***Intake for this group has now ended. For future art therapy groups at the TATI  Student Art Therapy Centre please check back on this page.